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The Right Way to Sell a Business on the Internet

The Internet is a great way to sell your business if you want to get it done quickly and make the most money you possibly can from the sale. But, there are ways to go about this that are productive and there are ways that are not.

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Best Technique Available to Create Your Own Character

The internet is a wonderful place where we all can interact with each other and place the foundation to wonderful friendships, aside from performing other tasks such as shopping, working or studying. Numerous individuals are looking to find the ideal way to express themselves and their personalities exactly the way they are in order to become able to come across someone special, regardless of whether they are looking for a friendship or something more. However, no matter how many words they dedicate to describing their true selves, sometimes the other persons they come in contact with do not manage to…

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What and Whys About CAR HID Lights

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of driving at a pitch dark night on a bumpy road, in a foggy weather? The thought itself sends a shrill in your body. Right?

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Dealing With Negative People When You Work Online

When you work online, there will always be negative people around you who don’t understand what you’re doing. They may even be your closest friends and loved ones! They can be annoying, and even worse, the things they say can actually get to you. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a switch on their backs and you could just turn them off? Unfortunately, there aren’t and you can’t. Negativity from those around us is something we all have to deal with. Dealing with negative people is another skill you have to learn.

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Facebook Said to Be Planning $10 Billion IPO

The social-networking site may be considering an initial public offering that would value it at more than $100 billion

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Silver Lake and Microsoft’s Yahoo Bid

Private-equity firm Silver Lake has joined with Microsoft to try to acquire a minority stake in Yahoo, say persons familiar with the matter

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Mobile Apps Ratings System Lacks Key Support

Faced with age-appropriate ratings for violence and sexual content on smartphone and tablet applications, Apple and Google say they will keep their own standards

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AT&T May Shed 50% of T-Mobile Users to Gain IPhone Capacity

AT&T Inc., under pressure from regulators over its bid for T-Mobile USA, may be willing to shed up to half of the target’s customers to close the deal and gain control of assets including wireless spectrum, analysts said.

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Angie’s List Falls Below IPO Price After Four Straight Declines

Angie’s List Inc., a website that rates plumbers, electricians and other service providers, fell as much as 9.5 percent today in New York, putting the stock below its initial public offering price for the first time.

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7 Reasons to Make an Email From Your Domain Name

Don’t miss out on great free advertising, credibility, great organizational benefits and control by failing to make email addresses on your domain name. Do you have a blog, product site or small business website where you’re still using a free email address from somebody like Gmail or Yahoo? You’re making a big mistake!

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