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Budget Coaching Service

Are you stuck in trying to get your website up and running without coaching? Are you having trouble with technical items? Not sure how to build up your sales funnel or increase sales?

I have been asked to set up a coaching program to help people with their blogs, affiliate marketing and even with some of the technical hurdles people have.

To keep the cost down I have set up  an email coaching program where I answer your questions via email.

Email support is very useful and works well for pointing you in the right direction and with this program you can get unlimited email help.

The email support will be done through a special email address where I will answer your specific questions twice a day Monday through Friday. You will get an answer to your specific problems within 24 hours or less not counting week ends.

Examples of this email help could be…

  • Installing or tweaking a blog
  • Doing keyword research on a specific topic
  • Find affiliate products that would fit your niche
  • Help with setup of scripts
  • Help with setting up a Clickbank product
  • Help with setting up your autoresponder
  • or any other technical item that is keeping you from getting ahead

Because of the time commitment this will be very limited and will be held to just 10 people.

For the initial release I will be doing this at $197 $147 a month. Any one joining and maintaining their subscription will never see their rate go up but I do plan to raise it as time is one of my most valuable commodities.

Yes, I want your help and this will help me meet my goals. I understand that I will get unlimited email support each month.

Introductory Pricing $147 A Month

(Plus GST for Australian Based Buyers)

I understand that I will be billed $147 every 30 days until I decide to cancel and leave the coaching program. I can cancel anytime simply by deleting my subscription.

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